Upon A Burning Body

December 16, 2019 By 0 Comments

Saw Uponaburningbody yesterday. I have a new appreciation for this type of music. The lead singer’s vocal range was very impressive one min he was harmonically poetic, and the next you could hear the depth of his soul clawing to get out of his body. He was very energetic and had the crowd jumping with every song. Not something you see at every concert and the crowd’s excitement was contagious as I began to leap right along with them. The hard-hitting bass gave you demonic sex kind of vibe in your soul that leaves you feeling a little dirty. A kind of dirty you don’t mind so much. ? Indeed like always I was upfront when the #moshpit broke out MULTIPLE TIMES, but the kindness of the front row and my boyfriend’s shield ?was really great when the mosh pits broke out. Very honorable. When I left I indeed wanted more. I will be seeing them again. If they come into town again let’s hope they let me photograph them.

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