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Meet the Siren

A world without film, music, and art is a world without meaning.  

Hello to all!  I go by Shannon, The Siren, Shanny, Horror Film Host and Shenanigans (but that last one only in my head).  I’m an art enthusiast who has World Travel and to photograph a few A-list concerts on bucket list.

I am a Senior UX designer, with a passion as a film Director, Editor, Photographer and Designer.  I received a B.A. in Fine Arts and Design and as a UX designer I studied psychology. I’m a Leo and proud of my 51% Scott-Irish roots. I love the odd and the macabre.

With so many varied interests and passions, I want to capture the full spectrum here. I cover events, people, places, concerts, travel, festivals, film reviews and topics that are darkly inclined, under the radar and unorthodox at times. If you are intrigued by the dark, fun, quirky, forbidden and bizarre, then join me on my adventures as I explore the world in front of us, and share my interesting finds.

This website is a place to share my adventures, and sell my art. 

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