Meet Just One Nights Executive Producer Leticia Buchanan

It only makes sense that we start with the very top of Just One Night confirmed list our Executive Producer. We search far and wide and FATE lead me to New Jersey where I met Leticia Buchanan. I flew up to New York 2 more times to really get to know her and understand her CLEAR enormous talent. After an internal meeting to make the decision it was a no brainer that a goth gal like Leticia was exactly what this director needs to push us to the finish line.

Leticia embodies a unique blend of creative vision, business acumen, and leadership skills. Not only does she have great taste and style but she joins us with volumes of experience that makes her perfect not just for the film BUT ME. Leticia is perfect for navigating the complexities of production, demonstrating a keen awareness of market trends and distribution strategies. She is an extremely effective with her communication style and collaboration and is prepared to guide just a complex film towards a our artistic goal. I have seen it for myself she is exceptional at problem-solving and risk management ensure the successful resolution of challenges inherent in the filmmaking process. She is skilled at building and leveraging a strong network to quickly secure resources and opportunities, while her passion and commitment go beyond financial considerations, . She ALWAYS fosters a positive working environment which is important to me. A great executive producer not only manages budgets and negotiations but also contributes creatively to enhance the overall quality of the film, working diligently to market and promote us successfully. I did a lot to make sure Leticia was perfect for the job! Please welcome Leticia Buchanan as executive producer of Rock with Sirens debut feature Just One Night and we are already hard at work!

Leticia Buchanan is an award winning producer with over 20 years experience in the film and television industry.  Getting her start as an Executive Assistant on Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street on CNBC, she gained more experience by becoming a covering News Associate on Morning Call. At CNBC Leticia also had the opportunity to be in front of the camera  covering  man on the street footage as well as the Baby Phat Show for New York Fashion Week. She quickly raised the ranks researching and writing for Court TV.  She was then contacted to work Rights and Clearances  for the Emmy Winning HBO show, Taxicab Confessions. With the raise in popularity of reality TV dance shows, Leticia was the Awards/Company Manager and traveled with StarQuest International Dance. She gained more hands-on experience working with audience and talent at The Food Network, being promoted to Jib Tech on a multitude of shows and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years featuring Ryan Seacrest.

After deciding to expand her education, she graduated second in her class at Windsor Institute in Barcelona, Spain.  Training and teaching in both Barcelona and Madrid, she incorporated her experience in television and music by working as a language coach and linguistics specialist for international actors, assisting with scripts, monologues and music lyrics. She assisted with language for members of production for the Korean Station, MBC TV and developed a Television and English class at Manhattan Language. 

In 2009, she started a family and worked full time as a PTA President and fundraising for her children’s school in New York City. 

She has re-entered the industry now focusing her producing efforts on narrative works, music videos, and documentaries in the NYC tri-state area.