Meeting the Master: A Cinematic Journey with Robert Kurtzman and Dreaming of a Horror Film Dream Team”

I recently had the incredible opportunity to meet the legendary Robert Kurtzman, a true icon in the realms of special FX makeup, creature effects, and filmmaking. If you’re not familiar with him, his work has graced countless movies and TV shows, including classics like “Army of Darkness,” “Scream 1, 2, & 3,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare,” “Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell,” “The Haunting of Hill House,” “Ma,” “Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep,” “Fear Street,” and many more.

Coming right off the heels of a lively discussion about “Tusk” during the Kevin Smith panel at Smodcastle, my chance encounter with the mastermind behind movie monsters felt like fate itself. During our conversation, we delved deep into his creative process, past projects, and even got a sneak peek into what he’s working on for the future.

The most remarkable part? I had the unique opportunity to share my own project, which drew inspiration from the genius of Robert Kurtzman. While I may not be a professional FX artist, this experience was nothing short of inspirational. Our discussion went on for quite a while, and what made it truly special was the absence of the usual fan-induced pressure. It was a genuine meeting of minds.

I must confess, I couldn’t help but entertain a wild dream during our chat – the dream of collaborating with Kevin Smith, Robert Kurtzman, and Doug Jones on a groundbreaking creature feature. A horror film that’s nothing short of extraordinary and ahead of its time. The thought of this dream team coming together is enough to send shivers down the spine.

As we continue our journey in the world of filmmaking, it’s evident that our short films are more than just creative projects; they are stepping stones for growth, lessons learned, and a means of building a close-knit team. All of this is paving the way for the two feature films we’re aiming to bring to life in 2024-2025.

To all of you who have been with us on this incredible ride, thank you for believing in us and supporting our endeavors. We’re more than just a team – we’re a film family. Some might argue that filmmaking is a job where you hire professionals, but we beg to differ. Filmmaking, in our book, is about forging connections with your cast and crew, growing together, and enjoying the process without the pressure of aggressive behavior. In our world, no one is superior to anyone else. We’re a harmonious unit, sharing our passion and love for film with the world, and we take this mission seriously.

The wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from our two films and the wisdom generously shared by the celebrities I’ve had the privilege to meet is incredibly valuable. It’s a smart move to address potential problems and learn from others’ mistakes, and I hope that my own journey can serve as a source of learning for someone else.

Life is about learning, evolving, and embracing change and growth. And that journey never truly ends. So, here’s to rocking with Siren forever, and I am exceedingly proud of our collective accomplishments. It’s not just about me; it’s about all of us, as we continue to chase our dreams and make our mark in the world of cinema. 🎥🌟

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