If it rocks, I shoot it!

My name is Shannon Chamlee, and I love rock n’ roll. I’m a photographer, designer and artist with over a decade of experience specializing in music lifestyle, musician & celebrity portraits, and concert photography.

I’m obsessed with capturing your rock-star moments and sharing them with your loyal and adoring fans. Whether the venue is a smoke-filled bar under a highway overpass or massive corporate-branded arenas, I make your fans feel like they’re front row and in the moment whether you’re performing for the very first time for a dozen fans, or documenting your farewell tour as you say thank you after decades of touring around the world.

Also, I like to share my experiences in music photography through my blog here on Rock with Siren. This site features a range of posts, from articles on concert photography techniques, gear recommendations, to my own rock-star moments just going to shows and venues.

I’m based in Atlanta, GA and I’m available for commissions around the world.

Why Rock with Siren?

“Shannon is a delight! When we see her come up to the stage with her camera it automatically puts us into BEAST MODE because we know she’s going to make us look larger than life.”

With my background in art and design, and with my experience as an award-winning advertising agent, I succeed in making musicians and celebrities look their best. I also offer quick and comprehensive post-production work for groups and functions that need immediate response times for marketing and promotional materials.

My clients include world-recognized bands, popular festivals, lifestyle brands, and ad agencies.

I have been loyal to Canon for all of my career. I use their cameras and lenses exclusively.

Elsewhere on the Internet

I am all over the world wide web, come find me or just email me here schamlee@rockwithsiren.com

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