Doin’ Fine Fan Made Music Video

Want to be a part of the Psycho DeVilles Fan Made Music video right from you own home?

The idea of the video is to promote a friendly, positive, safe, but fun experience of friends calling to check in with each other. As we all need during these crazy times. Because as the song says, “As long as I have friends to call, I am doin just fine”. Basically it doesn’t matter where you are, what time, or who you are everyone can use a friend.

As a fun thank you The Psycho DeVilles and FILMFave will be giving away a fun gift pack to the MOST creative use of the line.

You have till September 30th to submit your film.

Here is what you need:

  • Phone
    • Be creative this can be any type of phone. Your cell phone, vintage box phone, phone booth, a banana, fisher price toy phone, even finger phones.
  • Video Camera to record digital footage.
    • This will need to be uploaded to the FB Group, Private message to Rock with Siren, or my online form.
  • Audio play back to help you lip sync to your line.
  • Dress to have fun BE CREATIVE!
    • Wear PD Merch, Pin-up, Safely in your car with an 80s bag phone, Shower phone, waking up in curlers, dressed as your fav cosplay, playing an instrument, at work, Sky diving, or while exercising.


  1. Choose a Line Below
  2. Start the video picking up the phone “quickly” out of frame to your right side.
  3. Lip Sync your line from the song assigned to you. Dressed Creatively!
  4. When you end your verse hang up the phone on the left of the screen with the other hand.
    1. This is to appear you are handing the phone to the next person.
  5. Last Line – Start with the phone in your hand and lip sync to the last line. “As long as I have friends to call I am never alone. Folks wonder how I take all that drivin all the time. As long as I have friends to call I’m Doin just Fine. ” Dance a little to the violin at the end and hang up the phone at the end of the song. “

Everything else is up to you.

Choose a line in the song and a back up line you would like to do.



Dropbox and you shouldn’t have to create an account.
Feel free to contact me by email or text if you have any problems my phone number was in the email when you signed up.

The best way to upload your video is at this link:



Good Luck and Have fun!!!

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