Photography for Devolution’s music video “Enjoy The Silence”.

DEVOLUTION out of Richmond, Virginia, just released their debut single, a metal version of Depeche Mode’s “ Enjoy The Silence ”, and the video was created was created by the geniuses over at Digital Thunderdome Studios, who have also worked with Sevendust, Meshuggah, Ill Nino.

Let’s talk about the genius behind the creator Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome Studios (DTS). This is not the first time nor will it be the last that we talk about DTS. We here at FILMFave have come to expect such brilliance time and time again. We ask ourselves, is there a limit to this creative madness? The cinema photography, color grading, is gorgeous. The editing is spot on. , with every edit has a clear direction and flows into tell a narrative that is more metaphorical. Maybe that message isn’t really need to be interpreted but we at FILMFave want more! We are watching you Scott Hansen, but more like on the edge of our seat watching. You can follow Scott at Digital Thunderdome Studios at their website, facebook, and Instagram.

Absolute masterpiece by everyone, And if you love Devolution or DTS as much as we do, then make them your FILMFave.

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