The Creepin’ It Reel team signed up for the Buried Alive Film Festival. The Buried Alive Sinema Challenge was developed as a fun motivational film making competition for local artists. BAFF understands how hard it is to complete a film in a single weekend… especially a horror film, an animation, or any kind of film that requires a little more special fx or technical love. So they give you THIRTEEN DAYS! Why 13? To ensure that the film was created for the festival they have random horror subgenres you draw from and an obscure subject to work with. No mater what the outcome of your film is, it will be screened as the opening film block of the 2022 annual Buried Alive Film Fest!

Well we made it! The Fangover was filmed, edited and colorized over 13 days and will be featured at the Buried Alive Film Festival March 31st – April 3rd. Our team is exceptionally excited to be part of the select few to possibly win an coveted Buried Alive Film Festival award. Please come on out and vote for The Fangover so we can have a possible Audience choice.

What an exciting fun event. Our team really put something special together and we are sad we cannot tell you much. I guess you will have to come and see it.

Director: Shannon Chamlee
Writer: Vanessa Ionta Wright

Jennifer Pearl  as “Star”
Jason Thompson as “V.Lad”
Robin Lindsley as “Cut Throat Girl”

Assistant Director: Rozalyn Mattocks
Editor & Colorist: Kyle King
Director of Photography: Kenny Scofield
Special FX and Props: Krissy Watts
Camera Assistants: Dakoda Wright
Camera Assistants: Joshua Walquist
Production Sound Mixer: Jade Dickey
Production Assistant: Teej Johnson