The Beat Creeps at Bubbapalooza 2024

First, let me clarify that I am no longer a hired photographer. I offer my photography to friends to support their artistry and music.

If you weren’t at Bubbapalooza 2024 at the Star Community Bar in Atlanta, you missed one hell of a show! Among the many highlights was the unapologetically wild performance by The Beat Creeps, a Nashville-based band that truly lives up to their reputation as “unapologetic garage rock ’n’ roll.”

A Night to Remember

Rockabilly Magazine couldn’t have described them better. Lead singer Nic Roulette doesn’t just perform; he practically jump scares you with his voice and stage antics. His soulful timbre with a punk edge cuts through the air, making sure you’re paying attention. Backed by Leilani Kilgore’s guitar wizardry, Ariel Dornbush’s bass badassery, and Elliott Tanner’s thunderous drumming, The Beat Creeps are an unstoppable force.

Capturing the Chaos

As a concert photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing many performances, but The Beat Creeps are something else. Every show is a high-energy explosion, a unique rollercoaster ride of rock ‘n’ roll chaos. Their dynamic stage presence and the vibrant, slightly bonkers atmosphere they create is always a thrill to photograph. This band doesn’t just play music; they live and breathe it, and it shows in every note and every move.

The Beat Creeps: A Band of Characters

Each member of The Beat Creeps brings something special to the table. Nic Roulette, with his theatrical performances, ensures that all eyes are on him. Leilani Kilgore shreds on the guitar like nobody’s business, Ariel Dornbush lays down the basslines with unmatched groove, and Elliott Tanner keeps everything together with his aggressive and precise drumming. Together, they create a sound that’s both chaotic and cohesive—a true embodiment of garage rock ‘n’ roll.

Looking Forward

I can’t wait for more rock ‘n’ roll shenanigans with these wild and talented musicians. Every show is a new adventure, a fresh burst of energy and creativity. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their music, The Beat Creeps never disappoint.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, don’t miss it. And if you’re lucky enough to photograph them, prepare for an exhilarating experience. Here’s to more nights of rock ‘n’ roll mayhem with The Beat Creeps!

Final Thoughts

Bubbapalooza 2024 was a smashing success, and The Beat Creeps were undoubtedly one of the highlights. Their performance at the Star Community Bar was a testament to their talent and their passion for music. Here’s hoping for many more unforgettable shows in the future!

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Photos by Shannon Ford Thompson of Rock With Siren