After a night out, Star wakes up in a parking lot, only to discover some mysterious changes happening to her body. She must piece together what has happened while navigating new obstacles and aversions to sunlight and takeout. There is no better cure for a Fangover, than a little hair of the dog…so to speak.



Jennifer Pearl

Jason Thompson
V. Lad

Robin Lindsley
Cut Throat Girl


The Creepin It Reel Team

Shannon Ford Thompson – Director
Vanessa Ionta Wright – Writer
Rozalyn Mattocks – Assistant Director
Kyle King – Editor

Kyle King – Colorist
Kenny Scofield – Director of Photography
Krissy Watts – Special FX and Props
Dakoda Wright – Camera Assistants

Dakoda Wright – Camera Assistants
Joshua Walquist – Camera Assistants
Jade Dickey – Production Sound Mixer
Teej Johnson – FX and  Production Assistant

The Fangover Merch


Tell Him is the best of this year's entries. We love gray alien/UFO abduction films. Tell Him's visual effects are up to X-Files standards. They're creepy and atmospheric -- realistic and believable, rather than cheesy and laughable.

Hollywood Investigator

The Fangover, was smart, funny, stylish. It ticked all the boxes of vampire lore, whilst deftly avoiding the obvious cliches. It was well shot, pacy, and a little bit sleazy. A fangtastic short!

Laurence R. Harvey The Human Centipede 2