Behind the Scenes of The Fangover

We had an amazing time working on set this weekend. A huge team came together and everyone really put in their heart and soul into the making of this film. Every single person gave 200%. We had everything that tried to stop us from severe 27 degree cold weather (when it was 70 last week), crazy wind that even sand bags would not hold through, losing a 8 hour shot list to app error, too a possibility of me breaking my hand and broke my wrist from falling on set in the early morning. My fall was pretty bad and I face planted the street. I took a few mins on the ground and although I was off a bit, I pushed through the pain and just didn’t want to let our team down. They gave so much to this project and believed in me to direct us through. I hope I did everyone right. Our story is in the editing and VFX now and we have till Jan 17th at 7:00 pm. Words can not say how inspired, motivated, admire, and their drive, my mind was blown by their abilities, talent, teamwork, and their push through even into the 12th and 13th hour.

Thank you so much to these exceptionally talented people. I admire them and their dedication and love for our film. Everyone will have me for life. Whatever you need I am there for you.


When I fell Vanessa helped through a shot, when we needed to line things up perfectly for VFX it was best to let our editor Kyle control the set, listening to your AD Rozalyn on time and safety, and changing your shot list on the fly but still get the shots we need, when DP Kenny had a creative solution trust those ideas, trust set deck and practical FX, Krissy and Jason that they will not stain your walls, floor and ceiling lol.

I wish I could show you more but then I blow our story.


Jennifer, Jason, Rozalyn, Vanessa, Kenny, @Kenny and Dakota , Kyle Ransom, my daughter Theresa, sound Jade, Josh (Blanket Man/Dr Strange), Robyn, Scott Hansen, gentlemen and his friend with the van, the rusty barrel.

Behind the scenes photos of our film The Fangover.

Production Sound Mixer Jade Dickey

Production Assistant Teej Johnson