The Fangover WINS Audience choice AND the entire Sinema Challenge

The Buried Alive Sinema Challenge was developed as a fun motivational film making competition for local artists. Buried Alive understands how hard it is to complete a film in a single weekend… especially a horror film, an animation, or any kind of film that requires a little more special fx or technical love. So they gave us THIRTEEN DAYS! Why 13? So no excuses for running out of time.

But wait there was a catch… to ensure that our film was created for the festival we had to pull from a hat two random horror subgenres and one Card Against Humanity.
We ended with subject: Vampires and CAH: Waking up half naked in a Denny’s parking lot. We went with our first pick and did not redraw.

In the end we were tied with another team and Laurence R. Harvey from Human Centipede 2 choose The Fangover as the Sinema Challenge winner!
Quote from Laurence R. Harvey:

The premiere showed in March and the Fangover won “Audience Choice” AND the entire Sinema Challenge! We tied with another team

I am very proud to work with such a very talented team of people, and grateful to their long hours and very hard work.

Photos and our FIlm The Fangover from the Film festival: