A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once is the perfect Absurdity you have been waiting for! **No Spoilers**

Where do I even begin? Let start here… this film is now on my top 10 films of all time, while taking the lead as the best film of 2022 from Dr. Strange II. This film will make you laugh and cry with everything from absurd humor, kindness, compassion, and love.

You might be saying “Oh great another multiverse movie” but what if I told you this film Everything Everywhere all At Once is the perfect kind of weird we have all been waiting for. It’s different, inclusive, strong female empowerment (directed by two men), it has a message, and it will make you completely rethink your life.

It stays true to the unusual storytelling brand of A24. But still stands out from the studios regular catalog of fully naked cults and the elderly falling from the sky. Not that I hated Midsommar but A24 is definitely making a name for itself, and it looks like it is paying off for them in a big way. Unlike A24’s MEN where I was left guessing what the film was about, it told an absurd story that made sense throughout the movie.

Some of the fun weird stuff that happens in this movie is well with in context throughout its entirety. Its absurdity works and a ride worth paying for. There was a fight scene that oddly remind me of a segment of Jackass, but it sold itself to me AND IT WORKED!

It is very hard to convey how powerful this movie is. I have not laughed at a movie like that in years, with strange cutaways to some of the most clever writing I have seen. Nor has a movie ever given me full license to ugly cry in a theatre. I tried to hold back but at a certain point, I just started sobbing and stopped caring what others thought of me; A true rollercoaster of experiences. This film is 2 1/2 hours long but paces extremely well. It gave me just enough time to understand the plot and progress along with the story.

This movie may not be for everyone, and that’s okay. It covers really extremely topics such as Existential and Cosmic Nihilism, what it means to be a good mother and a good wife, conflicting heritage traditions with environment, and many more. All my friends left that theatre, stunned in silence, crying and consoling each other, and feeling deeply profound. The movie may be a bit jarring for those who prefer a bit more streamlined approach to movies, as this does well not to force feed you a concept. You won’t be consuming a Marvel Product – it’s very nuanced. A24 struck gold with this masterpiece. Released March 25th and has already grossed $54 million worldwide. That is a huge profit with a $25 million budget. Which makes EEAO, A24’s top grossing film. This is the movie we have all been waiting for. It transcends you through the multiverse, and makes you walk out of the theater rethinking your entire life. This is sure to become a cult classic. So grab your googly eyes and head to the theater!

Why are you still reading this post, go now!