Rock with Siren’s Award-Winning Adventure at Spooky Empire Film Festival!

But the excitement doesn’t end there! We’re thrilled to announce that we took home an award for Best Visual Effects (VFX). It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our incredible team who poured their creativity into making “Tell Him” a visual masterpiece.

Now, let’s talk about the fantastic Spooky Empire atmosphere. The costumes were out of this world! From spine-chilling monsters to iconic characters, every corner of the festival was a feast for the eyes. The creativity and dedication of the cosplayers added an extra layer of magic to our experience.

Oh, and did we mention we had the pleasure of meeting Greg Nicotero? Yes, the genius behind the stunning special effects on The Walking Dead! It was a fan moment we’ll cherish forever, exchanging smiles and sharing our love for all things horror.

While our segment may run a bit long, every moment is saturated with good fun and infectious energy. We encourage you to watch till the end as we took the time to give a heartfelt shoutout to everyone involved in the making of “Tell Him.” Each person played a crucial role in bringing this project to life, and they truly deserve the recognition!

Spooky Empire Film Festival, you are pure magic. From the opening moments to the closing credits, the entire experience was a wild ride of Horrific Fun. For those eager to relive the laughter and entertainment, or for those who missed it, the full interview is available on Spooky Empire’s YouTube Channel. 📽️

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So, whether you’re a film enthusiast or just someone looking for a good laugh, join us in celebrating the magic of Spooky Empire Film Festival and our award-winning journey. 🍿✨