The Yule Log is a Dark Comedy of Horror Goodness You Will Want to Watch Again and Again!

My husband recommended the Yule Log for movie night, and he did not do me wrong. (Not sure I should have phrased it that way?)

Photo of Casper Kelly

The Yule Log on Adult Swim was an experience like no other. The brainchild of writer, director Casper Kelly, gave us a fresh unique look at this holiday tradition of the “Yule Log” without really paying homage to Christmas.

There are no Christmas trees or presents. No warm CoCo or Christmas songs to drive you nuts. But there is a whole lot of blood, gore, fire, hell, and well I do not want to spoil it for you.

“Casper” Kelly is an American writer, television director, and producer known as the co-creator of the Adult Swim live action series “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell” and the Adult Swim animated series “Stroker and Hoop”. He has also written for “Squidbillies”; “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law”, and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”.

Casper Kelly is an imaginative force of fun dark humor, with an appetite for real horror. It would be an honor to work on set with Casper Kelly so I could watch his thoughtful creativity unfold in person.

The Yule Log is a must-watch for anyone in need of some very graphic, horror goodness that will keep you rewatching it over and over. I loved every minute of it as its weird dark humor truly took me for a ride. DAMN YOU YULE LOG! I had a dream later that night I was being chased by a log.

For those unfamiliar, the Yule Log is essentially a looped video of a crackling fireplace, complete with the occasional appearance of strange and fantastical creatures. The beginning is a bit slow, but for a reason. STICK WITH IT, you will not be disappointed.

From the moment the log was lit, I was entranced by the mesmerizing flames and the way they danced and flickered on the screen. It instantly reminded me of something my own family does at Christmas watch a yule log or Darth Vader burn on YouTube as ambient in the background when we open up presents. But THIS IS NO ORDINARY LOG, it wasn’t long terrifying horror began, characters and creatures of kinds made their appearance, and you NEVER knew or could predict what was coming next. Which added to the element of surprise and excitement to an already delightful viewing experience.

Speaking of those fantastical creatures lets talk about the art department and the incredible creature effects and props created by Shane Morton, Paula Cuevas, and Shawn Upthegrove, Genie Bolet, and Crystal Broedel.

Each creature that appeared was more imaginative and well-crafted than the last, showcasing the art departments incredible talent for creature design, each creature added a unique and whimsical touch to the Yule Log. But it wasn’t just the creatures that impressed me. The props and set pieces were also top-notch, adding depth and a fun realism to the overall experience. From the ornate gold vase or Urn on the table to the logs in the fireplace, every detail was carefully considered and wonderfully executed. While watching it I could definitely see the talent of a local artist Shane Morton. An artist I have known for years.

Shane Morton, is an artist whose talent and attention to detail and boundless creativity I have admired. Shane is the mad scientist behind the Silver Scream FX LAB. When Shane was 3 he saw King Kong, and has been a monster maker ever since.

As a filmmaker, I can say that having a talented and dedicated crew you can trust is essential for making a great film. That’s why I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with Shane Morton on one of my films some day.

Shane is also known for his love of all things spooky, and you might know him from his alter ego as “Professor Morte” at his Silver Screen Spook Show at the Plaza Theater.

There was a lot of local Atlanta, GA talent represented in this one.

Another local favorite who makes an appearance is in the ending credits song “The Fireplace” sung by Puddles the Clown.

Puddles, is a unique, captivating yet tragic clown who sings classic love songs and ballads that are both heart-wrenching and moving. But what sets Puddles apart from other performers is his clown persona, which adds an element of tragedy and pathos to his performances.

With his emotive voice and expressive face, Puddles is able to connect with the audience on a deep emotional level. He works the audience until they become an embodiment of the romantic despair that infuses so much popular romantic music.

All in all, the Yule Log on Adult Swim was a true delight to watch, and I can’t recommend it enough. The combination of Casper Kelly’s unique vision and Shane Morton’s unparalleled creature effects and props made for a truly magical viewing experience. So, if you’re in need of some holiday (kinda not really) cheer, Dark Humor that will have you rolling on the floor for days, something finally different and unique be sure to tune in to Adult Swim’s Yule Log and see for yourself!

So that’s enough bragging about my heros. Go watch the “Yule Log” NOW!