Hollywood Investigator Spotlights Rock with Sirens’ Latest Film “Tell Him” for Best VFX

In the competitive realm of independent horror filmmaking, gaining recognition is no small feat. However, when your passion project receives accolades, the sense of accomplishment is immeasurable. That’s precisely the journey of Rock with Sirens latest film, “Tell Him.” We are thrilled to share that the esteemed Hollywood Investigator recently spotlighted our film in an article, praising its exceptional visual effects and crowning it as the best among this year’s entries. In this blog post, written by Rock with Sirens founder and owner, Shannon Ford Thompson, we celebrate this remarkable achievement and dive into the details of the Hollywood Investigator’s article.

We love gray alien/UFO abduction films. Tell Him is the best of this year’s entries.

– Hollywood Investigator

The Hollywood Investigator article, available for your reading pleasure at here. Tell Him offers an insightful perspective on the world of gray alien/UFO abduction films. In the piece, our film, “Tell Him,” is acknowledged as a standout example of the genre, capturing the imagination of audiences and critics alike.

At the heart of “Tell Him” lies a gripping narrative, one where a wife confesses a life-altering secret to her husband, with profound consequences for their son. The Hollywood Investigator article intriguingly hints at the nature of this secret, making it abundantly clear that our film doesn’t tread the well-worn path of a pact with Satan or the ominous Antichrist trope. Which we couldn’t help having a good laugh as we did have a god laugh about making those films too. But instead, “Tell Him” takes audiences on a thrilling journey into the enigmatic world of gray aliens, leaving them eager to uncover the truth.

While yes “Tell Him” may not reinvent the wheel when it comes to UFO abduction narratives, it excels in execution. The idea behind our film was to pay homage to the great films that made us like Jurassic Park, ET, Close Encounters, and even my personal favorite horror film Poltergeist. We however do agree our film deftly incorporates classic genre tropes that fans adore, including mysterious blue lights in the night sky, the chaos of malfunctioning electronic devices, levitating objects, and the mesmerizing transformations, is what sets “Tell Him” apart.

I have always felt that in UFO and alien-themed films, the quality of visual effects is paramount for creating an immersive and convincing experience. The Hollywood Investigator’s article showered praise upon “Tell Him” for its exceptional visual effects, likening them to the high standards set by the iconic TV series “The X-Files.” As a fan of X-files we were blown away by that comment. To be honest we have much to learn and grow because we never do hit that ceiling of perfection. These effects, described as “creepy and atmospheric,” successfully imbued the story with an uncanny sense of realism and believably, avoiding the pitfalls of cheesy and laughable CGI.

Arguably the most gratifying part of the article was the recognition of best VFX. I tried to push the boundaries of visual effects in “Tell Him”. This accolade is a testament to how hard we worked and the unwavering commitment to our craft and my vision for creating a cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

This really is a huge honor, and I want to thank the Tabloid Witch Awards for awarding us with best VFX, and the wonderful article written by the Hollywood Investigator. I personally spent months on the VFX and even had to call in a few professionals for help from time to time. So it really was a team effort. It is important to mention awards such as these are not possible without such a harmonious team like the RWS crew. We sincerely could not do without one person on this film and I am very grateful for the cast and crew of Tell Him. I am excited for our future and what is in store.

– Writer and Director Shannon Ford Thompson

In the world of independent horror filmmaking, recognition from esteemed publications like the Hollywood Investigator is a monumental achievement. “Tell Him” has not only captivated audiences with our tale of gray aliens and UFO abductions but has also garnered critical acclaim for its exceptional visual effects. As our fans eagerly await the release of “Tell Him,” this recognition serves as a testament to the dedication and creativity of Rock with Siren.

For an in-depth look at the Hollywood Investigator’s insights into our film, we invite you to read the full article at the provided link here. Congratulations to Rock with Sirens and Shannon Ford Thompson on this well-deserved honor!